Netflix is unveiling a mobile new game based on its popular bake-off show ‘Nailed It

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Netflix is unveiling a mobile new game based on its popular bake-off show ‘Nailed It

Nailed It Show

Today, Netflix said it will be expanding its library of video games with a new one based on the hit program "Nailed It!" A day before the premiere of Season 7 of the bake-off competition show on October 5th, the game, titled Nailed It! Baking Bash will debut on October 4.

Players in the game bake, paint, and garnish-themed cakes as they go through a series of quick-fire mini-games developed by Paladin Studios in the Netherlands. Additionally, a multiplayer mode pits players against their friends to see who can reproduce desserts in the shortest amount of time. Players can use distractions to make their rivals' bakes more difficult. In the game's single-player backstage baking mode, you can practice baking on your own time.

This is not the first time

The firm previously introduced a game version of the well-known card game Exploding Kittens in advance of its TV show of the same name that would debut on its service in the following year. This is not the first time that Netflix has produced a new game to advertise a forthcoming series or season. The streaming service also said in May that it would release several new games that were inspired by a number of its well-known episodes, including "The Queen's Gambit," "Shadow and Bone," "La Casa De Papel," and "Too Hot To Handle."

By the end of the year, the business anticipates having more than 50 games available on its platform. In November 2021, Netflix introduced its gaming service, and since then, it has been regularly expanding its library of titles. There are currently no in-app purchases, and the games are free to download and play.

1% of Netflix's members prefer to play its mobile games

The news today comes as Netflix works on features that will let users play its mobile games with one another and rank themselves against one another in competition. In a selection of its mobile games, the business discreetly started allowing users to generate distinctive "game handles" beginning last month.

References found in the Netflix app also suggest increased gaming ambitions, including, among other things, the capacity to invite other users to play games with you and a function that would permit you to view your position on leaderboards. Given that less than 1% of Netflix's members prefer to play its mobile games, it's not unexpected that the company is aiming to expand its game selection.

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