Next week's iOS 16 update from Apple will fix, copy and paste glitches, camera shake, and other issues

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Next week's iOS 16 update from Apple will fix, copy and paste glitches, camera shake, and other issues

Consumer privacy is on top

The first significant batch of bug fixes for Apple's new iOS 16 operating system is about to be released. These will fix the annoying copy and paste bug that constantly prompts users to grant permission for an app to access their clipboard and users' complaints about shaky cameras when using certain apps.

Apple designed the paste permissions feature to safeguard users' privacy since it alerts users when apps are reading the clipboard, which may include sensitive data, even when they may not be aware of it.

Other social media to spy on data

Numerous other iOS apps, including TikTok, were also revealed to have spied on clipboard data. However, as it does in iOS 16, which is distracting, and the prompt is not supposed to reappear.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news of the iOS 16 upgrade, which will fix this problem and others.

MacRumors also confirmed that the unpleasant paste pop-ups were not intended behavior and will soon be corrected via a reader email interaction with an Apple executive. The executive implied that the problem had not been discovered internally, but he also acknowledged that other users had encountered the same difficulty.

Additional issues to be found

Although iOS 16's development and public beta builds were very stable around this time, a new operating system's full public release frequently reveals additional issues that weren't found during testing rounds – in some cases, because those issues don't affect all users.

That appears to be the case, for instance, with the camera shaking issue that several early adopters had posted about on social media.

Apps with Shaky camera

They discovered that their new iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max would emit loud noises and that some photo-sharing apps, like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, would record shaky videos when the rear-facing camera was utilized from within the social media app. However, this issue didn't arise when utilizing Apple's in-house camera app, indicating the problem is software-related.

Does everyone have this glitch

It turns out that this is not a widespread glitch, although Apple has not stated why some people had this issue while others did not. For instance, no one at TechCrunch could reproduce the problem when testing Apple's newest gadgets, including the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max running iOS 16.

Data transfering can be a risk

It's being noted that some other iPhone 14 Pro owners said their devices stopped working after performing restores from iCloud and data transfers from earlier iPhones. If you're experiencing any of these problems, you might wish to visit the iPhone Settings to check for the update directly. Apple has not yet said which day consumers can anticipate the update next week.

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