The AirPods will be able to charge with USB-C in 2023, along with the iPhone 15

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A new model of Apple AirPods is expected to be released later this year, likely the last to include the lightning cable

A new model of Apple AirPods is expected to be released later this year, likely the last to include the lightning cable. Apple analyst Ming-Chu Kuo will offer the USB-C capability for all AirPods models by Apple in 2023. There is still a possibility that the new AirPods Pro 2 charging case launched in 2H22 may support Lightning." Analyzing Apple's plans to switch to USB-C charging for its accessories has been a keen interest of the supply chain analyst. A report by Kuo in May predicted Apple would soon use USB-C charging for its accessories, including the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. In the long run, Apple's accessories will follow the iPhone itself as soon as the phone itself makes that transition. With Apple's iPad Pro, the company switched to USB-C charging for the first time in 2018.

Is USB-C better than Lightning for charging

Regulation is one of the reasons why Apple is switching. The European Union is considering forcing Apple to adopt USB-C, the mobile standard that is now the standard for mobile devices. The speed of USB-C can reach 40Gbps, but the speed of Lightning is only 480Mbps. There is also a difference in power delivery between the two standards. Power delivery from USB-C can be as high as 240W/5A but is limited to 100W/3A. Power delivery for Lightning port cables is limited to 12W/2.4A, so fast charging is not supported.

Charging standard adoption by Apple

These changes are guaranteed with European regulators exploring the possibility of Apple switching to a universal charger. Consumers who are paying attention could be dead in the water if Apple releases AirPods with a lightning charging dock. If an accessory is replaced with a new charging standard within six months, what's the point of investing in one? There's nothing to worry about regarding the AirPods Max, as the devices already use USB-C as the standard.

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