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The iPhone 14 price is lower than expected according to a new Apple exclusive - TechThop

The iPhone 14 price is lower than expected according to a new Apple exclusive

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The iPhone 14 models are getting more expensive, according to Apple leaks. Using Lanzuk's good track record, there is every reason to believe that Apple has frozen the launch price of the iPhone 14 base model. Lanzuk explains that Apple’s decision was based on “global mobile phone market stagnation and demand decline... so the price of the basic model is frozen despite some price increase factors.”

A shortage of components, as detailed by other leakers, and Apple's upgrade of several key iPhone 14 components are among these factors. LG Innotek's all-new front-facing camera module, which leaks claim costs triple what its predecessor did. As Lanzuk undoubtedly understands, his news is likely to create shock and disbelief, so he stresses his information comes from a reliable source within a "major US financial institution." Moreover, Lanzuk has an impressive track record that merits respect.

As well as the occasional miss, there have been several accurate leaks for Apple and Samsung devices spotted by insiders in the last year, both for iOS and Android devices. Apple's iPhone 14 launch has been further confirmed, and that's good news. In advance of the upcoming release, Apple has increased production in India, according to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

“Apple's iPhone 14 will ship at Foxconn's Indian manufacturing facility almost simultaneously with China in 2H22 for the first time,“ Kuo explained. “In the short-term, India's iPhone capacities/shipments still lag behind China, but it is an important milestone for Apple in building a non-Chinese iPhone manufacturing site.”

Apple should be able to supply substantial stock of the iPhone 14 for its September release thanks to this strategy, according to my contacts. The iPhone 14 Max, however, is experiencing supply chain issues. As of August 28, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, is warning that shipments of iPhone 14 Max panels will be far behind what Kuo expects. You'll likely have to act fast if you want Apple's most affordable big-screen iPhone yet.

As popular tipster AppleLeaksPro told me today, the new prices are in line with what he has heard for months. Considering the punch-hole display, 48MP camera, stainless steel chassis, and A16 chipset, the Pros cost more to manufacture. The leaker says Apple is expected to focus primarily on the iPhone 14 Pro models at launch due to several differences. The iPhone 14 will probably not be discussed at all by Apple.

The motive behind all of this, according to AppleLeaksPro, is "Differentiation". As Apple has done in recent years, it has increased the price and feature difference between standard and Pro models of iPods, Macs, and MacBooks. The strategy seems to have worked, even if it's harder to pinpoint exactly what makes the iPhone 14 Pro models objectively professional.

As a result, a split is emerging within the community of the leak. The noted analysts at Wedbush explained last month that prices had been rising across the supply chain, so Cupertino would have to pass the costs along to consumers.

As far as I understand, both sides have some merit. As a result of increased pressure in the supply chain, the costs of the iPhone 14 range are on the up, as well as several new components.

As such, I understand Apple is also committed to making 2022 the year of differentiation between Pro and non-Pro models, even if it means swallowing some of the cost increases in standard models. The iPhone 14 has a great deal in common with its predecessors, both in design and in performance, with upgrades likely to be smaller than those of previous generations.

As Lanzuk's claim implies, the iPhone 14 would retain its $799 price, which raises hopes that it will be paired with the upcoming iPhone 14 Max, which will also be priced $100 lower. Lanzuk's claim still equates to a $100 price increase across the range. The $799 iPhone 14 will replace the $699 iPhone 13 Mini, and the $899 iPhone 14 Max will replace the $799 iPhone 13.

Their respective screen sizes also make them easier for Apple to market. Will the iPhone 14 lineup be worth it? The Pro models appear to have improved design, camera, and performance, but with a potential switch from Lightning to USB-C in 2023, I still recommend caution if you aren't upgrading shortly.

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