The launch of iPadOS 16 may be delayed until October

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As part of the release of iOS 16 in September, Apple will also release the new iPhone 14 range. We had been looking forward to the iPad's 16 software being released at the same time.

As reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple has delayed the release of iPadOS 16 this year, and it will be released in October rather than September, as per a recent report by Gurman.Apple would have recorded a first by releasing both iOS software updates as well as iPadOS software updates simultaneously, as they are normally known to do.

As a result of some of the new features that are coming to the iPad this year, it looks like Apple will release its iPadOS software update later than usual to accommodate them. As part of the latest update to the iPad, there have been new capabilities for multitasking as part of this update.

The Stage Manager is one of the new multitasking features that has been added to the iPad's 16 updates. With this new feature, you will be able to run multiple takes at the same time, resize windows, and easily switch between multiple applications.

While some bugs have been discovered during beta testing, this new feature still does not seem to be ready for release yet, as there are still quite a few bugs that need to be fixed. As a result, Apple may want to fix these issues before releasing the update, which is one reason why it might be delayed.

As Apple is also expected to offer some new iPads this fall, we may be able to see them in October alongside the new iPad OS, which could increase the appeal of the device. As a result, we should be receiving iOS 16 along with the new iPhones, and iPadOS 16 in October, and the new macOS Ventura software along with a new range of Macs in September.

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