The Magmo app for recording iPhone calls

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Magmo is a new accessory available for iPhone users who sport the latest Apple phones. Magmo lets you record iPhone calls and makes use of the MagSafe system to connect to your iPhone. In addition to not requiring an Internet connection, Magmo is free of monthly fees. Just snap the MagSafe iPhone call recorder to your iPhone, push the button to start recording, and press again when you've finished.

The Magmo comes with 32GB of storage space for recording up to 500 hours of conversations.As part of the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, early bird pledges for the novel project start at approximately $119 or £100, offering a considerable discount of approximately 20% off the final retail price.

When you need to record a call, simply slide the button up. Magmo starts recording immediately, without any hassle. As soon as you're done, slide the button downward to stop the recording. As a solution to the problem of users not being able to record calls on iPhones, Magmo was developed specifically for the iPhone.

In order to minimize the add-on's presence, we aimed to emulate iPhone's clean and trendy design. Magmo captures the conversation directly with no complicated requirements such as stable internet connections, or having to go through third party calls or two-way features."

Magmo's expected worldwide shipping date is sometime around October 2022 if the campaign successfully raises its pledge goal. The promotional video below provides more information on the Magmo iPhone call recorder project.

It was not only Magmo's software that was designed to be simple. In addition to working simply, we wanted Magmo to look simple as well. In order to keep Magmo's design clean, we chose a pattern-free white exterior, similar to Apple's and iPhone's. The MagSafe is specifically designed for iPhones, and it's compatible with MagSafe.

It is also available with a magnetic ring on other phones."The unique technology effectively reduces background noise, so that your conversations can be heard clearly. As the recordings are saved to a hard drive.

all your personal calls will be safely stored without the risk of losing data. “The official Magmo crowdfunding campaign page will list all the available early bird pledges, stretch goals, extra media, and specifications for the iPhone call recorder.

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