The OnePlus 10T breaks in half in the same way as the OnePlus 10 Pro in a durability test

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The OnePlus 10T breaks in half in the same way as the OnePlus 10 Pro in a durability test

As the mid-year T-branded smartphone, the OnePlus 10T was launched in India earlier this month. To find out if OnePlus has improved its structural resistance, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything put the phone through a durability test. The phone was subjected to a series of rigorous tests, including scratches and bends.

As with the OnePlus 10 Pro, the OnePlus 10T performed well in the scratch test, but it failed the bend test and broke. The six-minute video by JerryRigEverything's Zack Nelson begins with a scratch test. To protect its display, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is used on the OnePlus 10T.

OnePlus smartphones, like most smartphones, start getting mild scratches at hardness level six on the Mohs scale and deeper grooves at level seven. Although the phone was scratched, it continued to function flawlessly. As part of the OnePlus 10T durability test, the YouTuber also burned the display with a lighter.

An AMOLED screen was toasted and left with a permanent mark, but it worked fine after that. In the video, it is shown that the SIM tray has a red-colored water-resistant gasket for the variant sold in the US. As opposed to the metal frame on the OnePlus 10 Pro, the OnePlus 10T has a plastic frame.

The latter's back panel texture acted as sandpaper for the Youtuber's blade after it was scratched using a razor blade. The JerryRigEverything channel demonstrated that neither the frame nor the glass back of the OnePlus 10T could withstand the bend test. When the phone breaks just below the camera module, it snaps in half and becomes unresponsive. As of June 2018, the starting price for the OnePlus 10T was Rs. 46,999 for the base version with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

A 6.7-inch full-HD+ Fluid AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is featured under the hood, along with an octa-core Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. A 50-megapixel Sony IMX769 sensor is the primary sensor on the OnePlus 10T's triple rear camera setup. Battery capacity is 4,800mAh, and wired charging is supported at 150W.

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