Top iOS 16 features that you may use on your iPhone without jailbreaking

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Apple Inc. greatly benefits from the contributions of the jailbreak community when considering new feature ideas for the next iOS versions.

Apple Inc. greatly benefits from the contributions of the jailbreak community when considering new feature ideas for the next iOS versions. Suppose you're an iOS 16 jailbreak specialist.

In that case, you may already know that one of their tactics has been to employ jailbreak tweaks to improve the overall iPhone user experience. But even if you don't yet have iOS 16, you can quickly use the jailbreak tweaks listed below to use iOS 16 capabilities on your existing iOS. The following iOS 16 features originally adapted by the jailbreak community are covered.

Create a personalized lock screen and weather indicator for iOS 16

A lock screen that can be customized with new configurations that let you change the wallpaper, date & time, text font, and other elements of the lock screen is one of the first innovations of iOS 16 that users will notice.

However, a jailbreak tweak called Lafon (for iOS 11 and iOS 12) was released in 2019. With this jailbreak tool, you can now change the font used by the text that says "No older Notifications," "No older Time," "No older Date," and "Battery Charged." However, the jailbreak community knew this because the WeatherLS iOS 14 jailbreak tweak was introduced in 2021.

Find the Wi-Fi password and Modern dynamic murals

You may now examine the Wi-Fi network password currently used with iOS 16. The iOS 13 and iOS 14 jailbreak  NetworkList has proudly allowed the jailbreak community to use this feature for over ten years.

With the iOS 16 update, Apple allows customers to choose more light- or dark-themed wallpapers for their phone, a feature that the jailbreak community had previously enjoyed since the jailbreak modification Edictus was released for iOS 13 and iOS 14.

Similar to Android haptic feedback

You can now use the software keyboard on your phone to text while getting haptic feedback similar to what you would get on an Android device, thanks to a new iOS 16 feature. Again, the jailbreak group was already using this feature with the jailbreak modification TappyKeyboard on iOS 13 and iOS 14, so there was nothing new for them. The tweak's main functions include.

Switching between haptic and haptic feedback

Activating the phone's safe mode. Returning the keyboard to its default setting.

Mark read unread messages and Organized emails Rapid Security Response, L11.

The jailbreak community has been utilizing the MarkMessageUnread tweak since iOS 13 to enjoy the "Mark messages as read" feature, which is now available to iOS 16 users.

The next most frequently used feature included by iOS 16 is email scheduling, which allows users to schedule the time at which a written email will be sent.

Another major focus of the iOS 16 update is security. As a result, security updates will be installed on your device without changing the firmware already in place. This jailbreak hack was made available in 2021 to accomplish similar goals.

Siri's notification announcements, Notes with password protection, and Dock Lockup

How cool is it that Siri lets you know when you have new notifications via Bluetooth headphones? As long as you use headphones compatible with iPhones, iOS 16 from Apple introduces the feature. For iOS 14 jailbreak tweak users, though, this is nothing new.

With the ability to attach notes everywhere, iOS 16 goes above and beyond to protect them with your phone's passcode. Similar functionality is provided by the jailbreak tweak BioProtect XS (for iOS 12 to iOS 14), which lets you lock the notes app in its entirety. With iOS 16, you can use a specific search function found on top of the Dock to maintain the result's focus.

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