What you need to do to get the Android 13 update for your Pixel

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What you need to do to get the Android 13 update for your Pixel

As of August 15th, 2022, Google will begin rolling out Android 13 to its Pixel lineup. You won't see the update immediately if your Pixel device qualifies; this is typical for Android updates. It takes Google a few weeks to update all devices.

A Mac or PC with Android's developer tools and a USB cable is the fastest way to sideload the update, but there is also an easier, computer-free method. Here is a tip that you can use if you own a Pixel device that hasn't received any updates recently, and are tired of seeing the message that there is nothing new on the software update screen. As far as Android 13 is concerned, there hasn't been much change from Android 12.

There are a few settings in different places, and the media player in the notification tray has been updated. The Android 13 beta version has not had any show-stopping issues that would make you regret updating. Android 13 looks and operates very similarly to Android 12 on Pixel devices, right down to the customizable themes.

The first step is to join Google's Android Beta program, allowing Pixel owners to test the new software all summer. Most users should be fine with some technical changes, but some users may want to be aware of them. The beta build of Android 13 is no longer available since the final version has been released. As Google slowly rolls out Android to everyone, it will be the same version.

The Android 13 software is now running on your device; you've jumped whatever arbitrary queue Google slotted you into. As of September, Google will release a new beta build, which should work until then. When you leave the beta program after installing that build, your phone will be wiped and restored to the version of Android 13 which is the stable version if you exit the beta program after installing that build.

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are usually the only phones that need this process. There seems to be a greater chance that the update will be available to those who own a Pixel 4 or 5. As soon as you update your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro to Android 13 on your device, you can't revert to Android 12 in the future, so please keep that in mind when doing so.

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