Your WhatsApp account could soon be more secure from scammers

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The popularity of WhatsApp makes it a target for scammers seeking to steal your account information. Users typically do not enable two-step verification for their accounts on the platform because it adds security. Scamsters can also gain access to users' accounts by unknowingly sharing their 6-digit two-factor passcode with them. The meta-owned platform is now implementing login approval prompts as an added security measure.

If you move your WhatsApp account to a new device in the future, a login prompt will appear on your current device. It appears that you must approve the request to start the device transfer process. Scammers who attempt to log in with a new device can be denied access. It is also reportedly possible for the login prompt window to display other important details, such as the time and device used to send the request.

A login prompt will appear on your current device when you move your WhatsApp account to a new device in the future. The device transfer process seems to require your approval. When a scammer attempts to log into your WhatsApp account from a new device, you can deny them. Other important details such as the time and device will also be displayed in the login prompt window. Currently, WABetaInfo reports that device login approval is in development, and it's unclear when it will be available.

Before becoming available to the general public, it will first appear on WhatsApp's beta channel on the Play Store.WhatsApp could even replace its SMS-based login process with the device login approval window in the future.

The latter could be used as a fallback if your existing device is unavailable. This feature could also tie in with WhatsApp's upcoming companion mode, which will allow you to use your account on multiple devices.

The Meta-owned services Facebook and Instagram already have a similar login feature where you must authorize logins from an existing device to a new one.WhatsApp is also working on countless other new additions to its platform to improve the overall user experience, apart from device login approval. There is also an option to export your Google Drive backups, undo deleted chats, catalog users who leave a group chat, etc.

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