YouTube Shorts on Android TVs: Details

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"YouTube TV subscribers will be able to watch four live feeds, dividing the screen into quadrants, at the same time with Mosaic Mode," according to the report. At least one of the new features will arrive soon.

It has been reported that YouTube is currently working on an application for its YouTube TV smart TV platform that will be a short-form video app and will be given the moniker "Shorts." The purpose of this application is not known at this time. According to reports published by Protocol, the firm has begun informing its partners about the support for YouTube shorts that would be added to the application that YouTube has developed for Google TV and Android TV.

In addition to that, it has been reported that YouTube Shorts has consistently surpassed more than 30 billion views. It is also expanding at an exceedingly quick rate, according to the reports that have been compiled. According to the sources, YouTube TV is planning to roll out a brand-new feature that will be known as "Mosaic Mode." This mode will provide viewers the option to watch about four live broadcasts at the same time, and it will be available sometime in the near future. It is imperative that this point be brought up, as YouTube was not the first service to introduce vertical short-form videos on the television screen.

TikTok has spent some time and resources researching and building new user interfaces that are compatible with smart TVs. These new interfaces will allow users to access the platform on their televisions.

An excerpt from the news may be found as follows: "YouTube TV will gain something called Mosaic Mode, which will allow customers to view up to four live feeds at the same time by dividing the TV screen into quadrants." 

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