An AI firm confirms Amazon is testing a TikTok-style feed called Inspire on its app

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An AI firm confirms Amazon is testing a TikTok-style feed called Inspire on its app

In order to boost revenue, Google and Facebook have been pushing their own TikTok-like services.The online retailer is joining other companies in introducing replicas of TikTok in an attempt to hold consumers' attention.In its app, the e-commerce giant has been testing a feed that allows shoppers to view TikTok-like photos and videos of products.

It has been tracked by Watchful Technologies, an Israeli artificial-intelligence company that analyzes apps and evaluates apps. Customers can like, save or share posts of products, and purchase items directly from the feed.It is unlikely that Amazon will release its widget to the public as it is now - or at all. A spokesperson for Amazon declined to say if the feature will be available to all customers. According to Bronikowski, the company is "constantly testing new features to help make customers' lives easier."

The Wall Street Journal broke the news of the test first. The Journal also reported that Amazon is testing the feature among a few employees.It is common for Amazon to experiment with new features, sometimes focusing its efforts on specific regions. Early this year, Marketplace Pulse discovered that the company had been testing how to identify its brands in search results by tagging them with badges such as "Amazon brand" and "Exclusive to Amazon."

The experimental feed resembles TikTok in its current form, which mainly shows photos, said Daniel Buchuk, a researcher at Watchful Technologies. Nevertheless, Buchuk suspects the feed will be video-heavy if the feature is rolled out as Amazon sellers create content to engage customers.In bids to keep eyeballs glued to their services so they can continue to boost revenue, Google and Facebook are already pushing their own TikTok clones.

In the US, YouTube rolled out its "Shorts" feature last year after initially testing it in India in 2020. TikTok's popularity is undercutting YouTube Shorts' ad sales, according to analysts, which Google asserted in June.The concerns were raised by Google's latest quarterly results, which showed YouTube's ad sales had fallen to their lowest levels since revenue disclosures were first made public.

In the meantime, Facebook now offers a short-form video feature called Reels on its Instagram app and its main social networking service, which are now part of Meta Platforms. In an interview earlier this year, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Reels accounted for more than 20 percent of Instagram time.The fact that engagement drives ad sales does not appear to be helping, since Meta recently reported its first revenue decline since Facebook went public a decade ago.

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