As the NHTSA investigates Tesla's 'dangerous and irresponsible' FSD, Ralph Nader asks them to recall it

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As the NHTSA investigates Tesla's 'dangerous and irresponsible' FSD, Ralph Nader asks them to recall it

The political and consumer advocate Ralph Nader, a former presidential candidate, has stated that Tesla's so-called full autonomous technology is "one of the most dangerous and irresponsible things an automobile company has done in decades.”As a result, Nader is urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to use the authority it has as part of its safety recall authority to order that all Tesla vehicles have FSD technology removed.

This would be roughly 100,000 vehicles, according to Elon Musk's recent statements.The FSD malfunctions every eight minutes in the bestselling book "Unsafe at Any Speed.". Based on 21 YouTube videos showing Tesla owners using the beta program, the New York Times ran a full-page advertisement criticizing Tesla's FSD.

The malfunctioning software which Tesla itself warns might do the 'wrong thing at the worst time' shouldn't be allowed on the streets where children walk to school, Nader wrote. The casualty-minded regulators must be warned that Americans must not be test dummies for a powerful corporation and its celebrity CEO. “Manslaughter is a crime of no limits.”

The call comes as Tesla prepares to release version 10.69 of its FSD software on August 20. There's nothing specific Musk tweeted, except for saying: "It's going to be big." Musk also said Tesla would increase the software price and that Tesla would "solve self-driving by this year."The autopilot should also be targeted by Nader. FSD has never been blamed for any crashes or deaths, according to Tesla and Musk. Several crashes have been caused by autopilot.

The NHTSA is investigating 16 crashes where Tesla owners engaged Autopilot and then crashed into stationary emergency vehicles, resulting in 15 injuries and one death. There have been 38 special investigations into Tesla vehicle crashes since 2016.NHTSA's recent ADAS crash report suggests that other automakers have implemented similar technologies with far fewer crashes.

Due to Tesla's number of ADAS-equipped cars, it's hard to compare Tesla's technology to its rivals. Tesla was accused of false advertising by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in two separate filings on July 28. Autopilot and FSD are advanced driver assistance systems, not fully autonomous driving systems.

As Tesla's website states, the vehicle's current features require active driver supervision and are not autonomous, according to the Los Angeles Times the disclaimer "contradicts the original untrue or misleading labels and claims, which is misleading, and it does not cure the violation."

The California DMV also said earlier this year it was reexamining how it regulates Tesla's autonomous vehicle technology, as it does for every company that claims to pursue full self-driving and conducts public road testing. The DMV has not reported Tesla crashes or system failures because its systems fall under the ADAS category, which requires that a human driver be present at all times.

The DMV reevaluated following the review of dozens of videos showing "dangerous use" of that technology - and these videos are informed by Tesla's CEO Elon Musk's comments about the technology. The DMV told TechCrunch it cannot comment until it is finished with its reevaluation.

If Tesla fails to stop falsely advertising, the DMV may revoke its license to make or sell cars in California, in the worst-case scenario.EV makers would face trouble if that happened, but it is unlikely. The relationship between Musk and California has been fraught since May 2020, when Alameda County ordered Tesla to close its Fremont factory to prevent the spread of COVID.

Elon Musk announced last year that Tesla's HQ will move to California from Austin. Without FSD, Tesla would be "basically worthless." Nader said Wednesday that Tesla's stock is overvalued, something many, including him, also believe.

As EVs and other climate-friendly technologies take off, auto companies have become technologically stagnant. Fast-moving companies cannot conceal wildly speculative stock valuations, resulting in the collapse of millions of Americans' pensions and mutual fund savings. Fundamentals are important." 

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