Enhancing customer experience with Adobe and Salesforce

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Enhancing customer experience with Adobe and Salesforce

Customer experience was in the spotlight this week after two major marketers took steps to take it to the next level. The pair of moves could signify the end of the dream for customer experience. You want your customers to feel comfortable when they interact with you, whether in person or online, to deliver a positive customer experience.

You certainly know when that does not work well, but it may be more subtle than a big smile in person or a successful online outcome. It is more about being proactive rather than waiting for problems to occur or designing a product elegantly to eliminate friction.

Way to provide the best service

These days, companies seem to have a lot of data about their customers, so they should be doing a better job of providing positive experiences. It is so common for companies to have so much data from so many different sources that they have created customer data platforms (or CDPs) so that all of that data can be gathered and analyzed together to deliver the best customer experience based on the information you have gathered.

Creating victory with partners

Salesforce and Adobe are two of the biggest companies involved in gathering and using this information. Despite Adobe not having a CRM, it does have marketing tools, and it purchased Figma for $20 billion because it wants to design great products that will ultimately benefit customers.

In the same vein, Salesforce announced this week at Dreamforce, its annual customer conference in San Francisco, that it had launched a new platform called Genie to integrate data. Using the huge amounts of customer data generated by the platform itself and in partnership with external partners like Snowflake and Amazon, it aims to create the best customer experiences whenever needed by combining the platform of tools with external partners.

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