Instagram’s Candid Challenges Feature Is Under Testing And Will Roll Out Soon

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Instagram may soon release a 'Candid Challenges' feature in which they will allow users to upload their real-time candid selfies daily. The feature is still an 'internal prototype.'

New Feature Is Under Testing 

Meta is currently testing “IG Candid Challenges” and it will roll out soon. The feature is similar to the entirety of BeReal.

About The Concept Of BeReal 

The IG Candid Challenges mimic BeReal randomly asking users to click and share the photo in just 2 minutes. That is the basic concept of BeReal.

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About IG Candid Challenges 

IG Candid Challenges add others’ IG candids to your story tray, and daily at a different time, you will get a notification to capture and share a photo in just 2 minutes.

In A Nutshell

IG will send you a notification randomly at any time of the whole day, asking you to capture a pic. Now, you will have two minutes to click any pic from the front and rear cameras simultaneously, and there are only 2 minutes to do all this.

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