It has been six months since Apple Mac Studio was released. The delays might persist for the next two months

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It has been six months since Apple Mac Studio was released. The delays might persist for the next two months

The Mac Studio project is still experiencing delays these days, and they might continue for at least two months or about ten weeks.In spite of nearly six months having passed since Apple introduced its new Mac desktop last March, there are still raging shipping delays for the all-new Mac Studio.The all-new Mac Studio continues to face shipping difficulties, according to a recent report by WCCFTech.

The fastest Mac device might take several weeks to reach your doorstep, so if you're looking to buy one, be prepared to wait.In its report, WCCFTech also notes that the top-of-the-line Mac Studio is likely seeing substantial demand due to its lengthy shipping delay.

It was speculated by the tech news outlet that the new Mac desktop's delays may be related to TSMC's M1 Ultra system on chip. Additionally, the chipmaker is struggling to fulfill orders from other renowned tech giants besides Apple.Mac Rumors reports the earliest shipping date for the Studio is between one and three weeks for the base model.

Meanwhile, the M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio is expected to start shipping within the next seven weeks, at least for the 48-core CPU version.It could take up to 10 weeks or more than two months before you can get your hands on the powerful 64-core GPU variant of the M1-Ultra Mac Studio, however.

Its impressive performance and portable design make Mac Studio highly appealing to users.The Mac desktop is also equipped with various ports, allowing users to connect it to multiple monitors to maximize productivity.Aside from that, the most expensive Mac Studio is powered by the latest silicon chip from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

The Mac Studio is essentially a hybrid of the Mac mini and Mac Pro, offering portability and power to its users.It is one of Apple's most premium offerings, starting at a retail price of $1,999, which is one of the highest of its current line of computers.

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