Microsoft releases an upgrade for Windows 11 that includes File Explorer tabs, system-wide captions, and other features

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Microsoft releases an upgrade for Windows 11 that includes File Explorer tabs, system-wide captions, and other features

Microsoft releases an update for Windows 11

The Windows 11 2022 Update, the aptly called next major edition of Windows 11, has started to roll out to more than 190 countries where Windows is available, according to a recent announcement from Microsoft. The Start menu and File Explorer tabs have been updated.

There are new accessibility features like system-wide live captions, Voice Access, which lets you control a PC with your voice, and Smart App Control for increased security. These are just a few of the highlights. By visiting the Windows Update settings page (Settings > Windows Update) and selecting "Check for updates," users with eligible devices running Windows 11 can upgrade.

The UI front Updates

The UI front has undergone the most noticeable alterations. Updates to the Start menu, "faster and more accurate search," Quick Settings, and the aforementioned File Explorer tabs are all included in the Windows 11 2022 Update. The last of these will be available in October.

You can now pin files for quick access in File Explorer. Along with new Snap layouts with faster touch navigation and the ability to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge, the Widgets board also offers stronger local and current events coverage.

New Updates

Apps can now be stacked on top of one another to form folders in the Start menu. Additionally, the pinned area can be expanded to hide the recommended feed of files that are located beneath the programs on the menu. According to Microsoft, a Photographs app upgrade in October will bring about a new photo-managing interface and make it simpler to back up your photos to OneDrive. At the system level, Windows 11 will enable you to copy phone numbers, and future dates and get suggestions for actions like making a call with Teams or Skype or adding an event to the Calendar app starting next month.


In terms of accessibility, Windows' new natural-sounding voices for Narrator make use of AI-powered text-to-speech that more closely resembles the voices of real people. In theory, this will improve everything from web browsing to document authoring for users who hear their screens. The system-wide live captions feature, on the other hand, records microphone audio to transcribe in-person conversations and displays them at the top of the screen in a floating window when used. To use it, press Winkey+CTRL+L.

The previously mentioned Speech Access essentially gives voice control of the PC full access, enabling copy and paste, cursor movement, app interaction, and more without the need for a keyboard and mouse.

The new Focus feature in Windows 11 activates Do Not Disturb, which disables notification noise, task-bar badges, and application-bar flashes. According to Microsoft, the Clock App is integrated with Focus, starting a timer to aid concentration and prompting you to take breaks.

Security updates

The most recent version of Windows 11 comes with enhanced security in the form of Smart App Control, which tries to safeguard users from running untrusted or unsigned applications linked to malware or attack tools while assisting in the prevention of scripting assaults. Only available on fresh installations of Windows 11, Smart App Control builds an AI model based on the 43 trillion security signals collected daily to determine whether an app is secure. It does this by using the same fundamental operating system features as Windows Defender Application Control.

Gaming Updates

With the Windows 11 2022 update's release, the Amazon Appstore Preview is extended to worldwide regions, and more than 20,000 Android apps and games are made available for Windows 11 devices that fulfill the necessary hardware specifications. A new HDR Calibration tool and an Edge "gaming portal" that previews forthcoming game releases are also included.


The new Windows Studio camera and audio effects in the Windows 11 2022 Update include Automatic Framing, which keeps the camera with moving subjects. Background Blur, which blurs away backdrops, and Voice Focus, which reduces background noise. In a similar development, Microsoft's recently acquired video editor Clipchamp is now included by default in Windows 11.

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