The future of Horizon Worlds will be unveiled at the Connect event

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The Meta CEO announced on Facebook that "major updates" will be released shortly for Horizon Worlds. The executive also mentioned that avatar graphics would be updated soon. More details will be shared at the company's Connect event, according to the CEO.

According to the executive, the Horizon Worlds avatar he previously shared was "pretty basic". An executive announced the launch of Horizon Worlds in Spain and France on Facebook on August 16. The Chief Executive Officer of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced that Horizon Worlds will be getting "major updates" shortly.

Avatar graphics will also be updated soon, according to Zuckerberg. As part of the company's Connect conference, Zuckerberg will share details about the updates. The announcements were accompanied by an image of Zuckerberg's Horizon Worlds avatar. Earlier, he acknowledged that the image shared was "pretty basic".

According to Zuckerberg, the avatar was taken very quickly to celebrate a launch. He also added that Horizon Worlds graphics can do much more. VR headsets are also said to have better graphics. A Meta executive claimed that Horizon Worlds was improving "very quickly".

As part of the announcement, he also shared an image of his avatar, demonstrating the capabilities of Horizon Worlds. Facebook announced via Facebook that Horizon Worlds is now available in France and Spain, which Zuckerberg posted about on his Facebook page.

The image dubbed "pretty basic" by Zuckerberg was initially shared with the public during the announcement. The image shows a Horizon Worlds avatar of Mark Zuckerberg next to an Eiffel Tower model. Facebook has reportedly been forced to remove several major anti-vaccine groups from its social media network.

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