The youngest adjunct professor in Ohio is Cristion Brown, a software developer

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Cristion Brown now holds the record for being Ohio's youngest adjunct professor thanks to his hard work and determination. At 23, the software engineer by study who is now making a name for himself in Ohio began teaching computer science at Cincinnati State. Cristion developed a passion for programming at the age of 13.

He attended Google and Bank of America summer camps focused on programming activities as a child. In addition to coding throughout his early education, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University in Software Engineering.“As a child, I never imagined myself in front of a classroom,” says Cristion, who spent the past three semesters at Cincinnati State learning about himself and the world.

Cristion is also the founder of Hypernova Technologies, a company that aims to create the world's largest Digital Safety Net by providing technology to mitigate business, economic, and global disasters. Over 60 businesses have been affected by the firm, making it a beacon of hope for both large and small businesses struggling financially.

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