Twitch Announces Special Sub Event for September

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Twitch announces the newest edition of its SUBtember promotion, featuring discounts on subscriptions throughout the month of September.

About Amazon Owned 'Twitch'

As one of the internet's top streaming platforms, Twitch has been no stranger to various promotions bringing viewers to its platform. The Amazon-owned platform provides free monthly subscriptions to Amazon Prime members for one channel of their choice, as well as a variety of free games with Prime and in-game exclusive content.

Twitch also frequently features discounted rates on subscriptions to streamers, encouraging more fans to support their favorite content creators. Twitch has announced its newest sub promotion with SUBtember running next month.

Revealed New Event 

Twitch has officially revealed the new event, with Twitch members seeing discounts on subscriptions throughout September, with this year's outing sponsored by Lenovo Legion.

Twitch members will be able to subscribe to their favorite creators with a 20% discount on one-month subscriptions, with longer subs seeing increased discounts. Three-month subs will be marked down by 25% during the month, and six-month subs will see a 30% price cut starting September 1st.

About The Subscription 

The subscription discounts do not just apply to new subscriptions, with users able to upgrade their previous subscriptions and more. Twitch confirmed the discounts would apply to users looking to upgrade from their free Amazon Prime subscriptions, as well as applying to users looking to gift subscriptions to friends or others in the chat.

The promotional price reduction will also apply to users looking to upgrade to Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscriptions on channels. Twitch also confirmed that streamers will still be paid the full subscription price, even with the discount in place.

The Streaming Platform

Twitch's newest promotion would not be the first time the streaming platform has run a similar month-long event. Twitch has run its SUBtember festivities annually, with each September bringing reduced rates for Twitch subscriptions since debuting the program in 2017.

The promotion comes as recent years have seen the rise of "sub-a-thons" on Twitch as a popular trend among content creators, with the streams regularly fetching thousands of new subscribers.

The Significant Changes 

The newest sub-themed promotion from Twitch comes as the platform has made significant changes recently to bring in more creators. The platform made waves earlier this week when Twitch ended its long-standing partner exclusivity, allowing Twitch partners to stream on other sites like YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Twitch also recently introduced quality-of-life features for creators, like sharing lists of banned users and lowering its payout thresholds. SUBtember will look to be another popular promotion for Twitch, giving fans a chance to support their favorite talents for a bargain.

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