Twitter shuts down an antisemitic account after the I-Team looked into it

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Twitter shuts down an antisemitic account after the I-Team looked into it

Las Vegas (KLAS)

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Even though Las Vegas Metro police told Twitter about posts that threatened to kill Jews, the account wasn't taken down until the 8 News Now I-Team asked about it on Wednesday.

According to the I-Team, a man from Las Vegas is being charged because he sent dozens of tweets threatening to kill Jewish people. Andrew Gorrelick, who is 48, was arrested by police last week.

Police found out that Gorrelick

Police found out that Gorelick wrote the tweets, which were still up on the account listed in a report as of Wednesday afternoon. An investigator wrote in a report that 44 tweets "showed a direct threat to kill Jews or [called for] killing Jews" and government officials.
The report says that some of the tweets said things like "Rounding them up and killing them all now. I won't stop until they're all dead" and "Kill all Jews now."
The police said they told Twitter about the tweets, but the company didn't take them down.

Gorrelick was a threat to the Jewish community

The officer who was doing the investigation wrote that he had asked Twitter for information about the account because he thought Gorrelick was a threat to the Jewish community. The officer then got an email from Twitter Support saying that "staff did not think that the account's posts constituted an emergency."
The I-Team saw the posts Wednesday afternoon and then asked Twitter why the account wasn't suspended after Metro asked about it.

I-Team asked Twitter for a comment

After the I-Team asked Twitter for a comment, Twitter quickly shut down the account. A Twitter representative said, "The account in question was permanently suspended for breaking our policy on hateful conduct more than once."
Twitter's policy on hateful behaviour says: "You can't encourage violence against other people or directly attack or threaten them because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious illness. Based on these categories, we also don't let accounts whose main goal is to make other people hurt themselves."

Violent threats are clear statements of the intent

In an online post, the company says, "We don't allow content that makes violent threats against a specific person." "Violent threats are clear statements of the intent to cause serious and lasting bodily harm, such as saying, "I will kill you."

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