Wordle game help: 5-letter words with ‘E,’ ‘N,’ and ‘Y’

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A wordle game's help page: 5-letter words containing 'E,' 'N,' and 'Y'

Wordle has gone global

Since October 2021, Wordle has gone global. Each day, you have six tries over 24 hours to predict a five-letter word.

There are no initial clues, but the letters in each guess change color to show if they're part of the answer and where they belong.

Good techniques

Good techniques, which focus on initial words and word combinations, can optimize first guesses' information. Solving the puzzle won't be impossible most days. Even the best players sometimes get stuck after discovering a few letters from the answer. Check out the list and guidance if you found "E," "N," and "Y" today.

Five-letter words with E N,and  Y to try on Wordle


Grayed-out characters

First, assess the location of the three letters you know: even if they all turned out yellow, you know one place each can't be in the word.

Cross out all the words that contain those letters in the wrong places and all the words containing grayed-out characters. This should guide your guesses.

Several words

Some letters appear more than others. "O" and "T" lead: “O” is part of around 20 percent of the alternatives, and “T” comes right after (even being twice in a handful of the phrases) (even being doubled in a couple of the words). "D," "I," "R," and "S" follow them, whereas "Q," "U," and "X" don't. Several words repeat either the "E" or the "N" you already found.

Google up the answer

If you're still unsure and don't want to wait until Wordle resets at midnight, Google up the answer. 

Wordle game help: 5-letter words with ‘EE’

Some Wordle days will be difficult. Finding a few letters from the answer may require outside help.

You presumably know where the two "E"s are since you know they're together. Cross out the words that don't fit, and you'll have a considerably shorter list. "EE" is more prevalent as the third or fourth letter. It's also more common as two ending letters than two starting letters, though both are rare. Now you must determine the other three letters; the most likely alternatives depend on their placement.

Knowing Wordle won't pick plurals

"S" appears the most often, followed by "R" Most of those "S"s appear at the end of words, as a plural indication. Knowing Wordle won't pick plurals means you should prioritize other letters. This brings us back to your word's  EE.

Word starts with  EE

If the word starts with "EE," your choices are "EEJIT "EENSY,and "EERIE." That leaves "J," "IT, N," "S," "Y," "R," and a third "E." Any of these letters could solve the case. "D," "K," "P," "R," and "Y" are most likely to follow "EE" in terms without "S" "R" is most common when "EE" is the third and fourth letter. "D," "K," "L," "P," and "T" are tied. with "EE" as the final two letters, consider another vowel: "A" joins "R" as the most likely letter; "E," "S," and "U" follow. Three vowels are among the five most likely gap-fillers. Except for "COOEE" and "NGWEE," those five letters should cover most of the list.

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HELL-A edition

If you're still unsure and don't want to wait until Wordle resets at midnight, Google up the answer (which we update around midnight CT). Fans don't have long to wait for Dead Island 2's release. Gamescom gave us a release date for the game—Feb. 3, 2023—and a glimpse at the pre-order goodies. "HELL-A" is one. This version of the game includes in-game and real-world goods. Here is Dead Island 2's HELL-A edition.

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