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What you need to know about Apple's WatchOS 9 - TechThop

What you need to know about Apple's WatchOS 9

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What you need to know about Apple's WatchOS 9

The Apple Watch was late to the sleep tracking party, but the latest update to WatchOS will make up for it in a big way. Apple's current health wearable measures sleep duration but not sleep metrics. With WatchOS 9, that will change. The vice-president of health at Apple, Dr. Sumbul Ahmad Desai, graciously answered some of my questions about sleep.

He said that sleep is undoubtedly essential to good health, which is why Apple is taking sleep tracking to the next level. A lack of sleep increases health risks. You're less happy. As we know, we can't be our best when we don't sleep well. Since Apple Watch introduced sleep tracking, users have responded positively, and now the company is extending the experience.

How do you sleep? Sleep cycles. Sleep cycles last 90 minutes on average. Health data control will allow users to better communicate with friends, family, and health care providers about their health. Then we're motivated."The update will also allow users to view their daily sleep patterns rather than just weekly. Our habits determine our health. Getting enough sleep, walking, or taking a moment to breathe can all improve our health.

Apple Watch can encourage no matter where a person is on their health journey." With the Sleep app, it isn't just about seeing daily sleep metrics. “You'll have access to daily, weekly, and monthly trends,” Desai said.“The Health app will show users sleep trends over time, and provide a list of respiratory rate and heart rate data during sleep,” she said. Users can also see how much they've slept and their sleep stages.

As Desai says, "Apple Watch is more than just a fitness tracker; it's your health partner.". Not only does sleep tracking provide insight, but it also helps users develop healthy habits. The Sleep app helps users set sleep goals and get to bed on time." As well as tracking, the sleep tracking feature is designed around positive reinforcement, which has been used on Apple Watch since the beginning.

“We designed an interface that congratulates people on their success in meeting their sleep goals rather than criticizing them,” Desai said.“When it comes to sleep, anxiety is especially important, as insomnia is often worsened by anxiety about getting enough sleep."At Apple, we base everything on science. Routines improve sleep quality.

Users can create their own - maybe listening to soothing soundscapes or meditating."A dark Watch screen with disabled notifications allows the user to sleep uninterrupted. The Sleep Tracking team worked hard to make sure it was accurate. Our machine learning models were trained and validated on polysomnography, or PSG."With sleep stages, users can track their sleep.

Using Apple Watch's accelerometer and heart rate sensor, the Sleep app measures how long you spend in REM, Core, and Deep sleep. Apple has been working with the American Heart Association and Brigham and Women's Hospital on the Apple Heart and Movement Study since 2019, and the new features will allow users to share their sleep data.

“With such a large amount of data, we see the potential for real breakthroughs in health,” Desai said.“Sleep is so important,” she said. There are times when we even stress over it. Despite spending about a third of our lives asleep, we don't know about it."The ability to see in detail how much and how well users sleep over time will be fascinating to Desai.

By having that information at your fingertips, you can make better choices for your health and well-being. The response from our users is what I'm most looking forward to."In the coming months, Apple Watch users will be able to download WatchOS 9, which will be available on models such as the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer.

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