A long-range production-ready solar electric vehicle called Lightyear 0

With major carmakers vowing to electrify their lineups as early as the next decade, electric vehicles are certainly becoming mainstream.

As their energy runs low, they need to stop and re-charge. However, the Lightyear 0 solar car might be able to re-charge itself while on the road in 2022.

The Lightyear 0 is a product of the Lightyear One prototype, the world's first production-ready solar car.

It is expected that Lightyear's upcoming solar car will go in the opposite direction of EVs as the need for more powerful batteries and more charging stations increases.

Despite the reduced weight, the Lightyear 0 provides more range with less battery, as well as a reduction in emissions.

Based on its estimated average commute of 22 miles, the solar car can drive for weeks or months without a charge due to its optimized solar roof and holistic design.

 The Lightyear 0 can drive up to seven months in sunny locations, but in cloudy areas, the operational time is limited to two months.

A Lightyear 0 has a starting price of around $220,000, and production is limited to just 946 units. Deliveries begin in November, and production begins in the fall.

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