A Sneak Peek at BMW Z4's 2024 Facelift

Our first BMW Z4 of the G29 generation was delivered three years ago. The Bavarian roadster and the Toyota GR Supra share a chassis and an engine, although Toyota has reportedly made some tweaks.

Our expectations for the 2023 GR Supra are already known, but we were expecting the Z4 to receive a similar upgrade. Due to the BMW Z4 facelift prototype being spotted in Munich, we had good reason to expect it.

Despite the heavy camouflage, the biggest difference in the revised roadster will be its transmission. There will still be an eight-speed ZF automatic available on the BWM Z4 G29 LCI, but it will also come with a six-speed manual.

The six-speed manual is the same as what was recently introduced in the BMW-based Toyota GR Supra of 2023. Manual-equipped GR Supras will stand out with their different wheel designs and fewer color options. The BMW Z4 may not be affected by this, however.

In terms of engine power, BMW has not yet confirmed whether the G29 LCI will be upgraded. Several dyno tests have proven that the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six of the B58 makes just over 400 horsepower, which exactly matches the engine's power output.

You'll notice that the headlights and taillights of the camouflaged prototype are completely uncovered, and they appear identical to those on the current Z4.

According to BMW, a rigorous hardware testing process is underway, so what you see here may not be the final production model.

It may surprise you to learn that the BMW Z4 G29 came with a six-speed manual transmission. In July 2019, it was made available, but only for the 20i model, which is not available everywhere.

In terms of the Z4, this may be the final year of the model. BMW will likely keep the G29 LCI for three years, after which an electric equivalent will likely take its place. BMW's Z series was never a bestseller, and as manufacturers cut their losses, we're unlikely to see another Z4.

The only consolation is that, in its final days, the BMW Z4 managed to become even more engaging to drive. In 2022, the new Bavarian roadster will debut.

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