An updated Porsche 911 GT3 is already in development

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 10 Aug, 2022

As Porsche is set to unveil a new, updated GT3 RS car on August 17th, there will be no shortage of information.

As such, the German automaker has commenced work on an update for the 992-generation 911 GT3 model, which will be available by early 2017.

As spotted doing a few laps around the hometown, the test mule appears to be carrying subtle changes, particularly towards the rear of the animal.

The front bumper appears barely concealable, but the rear bumper is covered by a large panel of black that hides the changes that have been made underneath.

The center-mounted exhaust tips might be replaced by dual tips on the opposite end, which would dramatically change aerodynamics.

As well as the center section of the tail, there are a great deal more recesses than on the current GT3. It is still possible to see the finned diffusers underneath, however. 

A GT3 test mule would be interesting first if a new 992-gen lineup is going to be introduced as part of an update to the 992-gen lineup.

As a result of the update, the Carrera would be the first to receive an update. This would be followed by the rest of the line-up.

The update might also bring some changes to the interior of the vehicle; for example, a digital instrument cluster might replace the analog one on the instrument cluster, because it may enable you to adjust the engine more easily.

As well as the impending hybrid powertrain, this update might also include the upcoming hybrid powertrain, but that has not yet been confirmed at the moment.

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