Can the BMW X1 beat the BMW X3 in terms of compact SUVs?

Today, it's tougher to decide whether to go with an X1 or a X3. With the BMW X series of SUVs, the company's sales leaders have been the X1 to X7 models. Forget the 3, 5, and 7 series cars. Will the BMW X3 still be a sales leader now that there's a new compact, the BMW X1 xDrive28i?

BMWs are known as performance vehicles, but SUVs are graded on their utility as much as performance. The X1 is small. The X3 was updated for 2022. 

It can hold 57.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats. That doesn't beat a Yukon, but it beats the 2023 Audi Q3 and the 2023 Porsche Macan. In addition to being wider and longer, the new BMW X1 is now bigger than the previous generation, even though it's the cheapest model in BMW's range.

With the same styling that maximizes space, it can hold 62.7 cubic feet, more than other compact SUVs. It has numerous cubbies as well, making it easier to organize smaller items. Both the X1 and X3 can seat five comfortably.

J.D. Power gave the previous generation of the X1 all average ratings and it ranked 5th among its competitors in J.D. Power's review. Consumer Reports recommends the X3 as an SUV, but has not tested the new 2023 X1. 

The X1 was due for an upgrade, but the X3 received 'great' ratings from J.D. Power, even though it ranks no. 4 on the list.

These two BMWs are designed for grocery runs, shopping, and commuting rather than for off-roading, so BMW won't offer off-road packages in 2023. 

A $23,595 XDrive28i and a $46,595 M Sport are the two model versions that BMW is offering, but we expect to see more trims and versions in the future. The 2023 BMW X1 has a 24-1-horsepower four-cylinder engine. All-wheel drive means the x in xDrive.

In addition to the $43,700 X3 sDrive30i, which comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder, there is also a $45,700 X3 xDrive30i, which has an all-wheel-drive system. In any 2023 BMW X3 or X5 with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine, scheduled maintenance is covered for three years.

There is no BMW that goes untreated these days. BMW's motorsports arm can't stay away from any BMW, and the X1 is no exception. At the forefront is the new M Sport Package, which includes sports seats, adaptive suspension, and a paddle-shift steering wheel. 

With the X3 M Sport, you'll get all of the above plus a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder engine with 503 horsepower that launches the X3 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.

In addition to its German rivals, the X1 will face stiff competition from other luxury brands, including the Jaguar E-Pace, Lexus UX, Volvo XC40, and Mini Cooper Countryman that share the same platform. Many of the components of the little cars are shared with BMWs.

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