Despite being a crossover vehicle, the Ford Evos has been transformed into something more appealing by this digital artist

Graphic designers have a cool life, at least that's what we'd like to think, especially those that spend their time visualizing automobiles. A graphic designer can design anything, from Fords and Chevys to JDMs and marques that have long since disappeared.

As part of that, Instagrammer jlord8, Jim, from his 'imagination land,' came up with a design for a Ford Fusion that seizes inspiration from the Evo sedan. Opinions? The CGI Ford Fusion was designed by Jim using the Ford Evos as a base: 'Shop'd my take on a new Fusion.'. Almost Maxima-like.'

He also included a picture of a Ford Evos, with the differences in the stance, headlamps, and accents between his render and the Ford Evos. Fans say it “looks better than most Fords”. Another person offered another suggestion, saying, 'It would make a badass little ute.'. This could be the design for Ford's Ranchero.

In the meantime, Ford Evos, a mid-size crossover SUV made by Changan Ford and debuted at the Shanghai auto show in 2021, will not be available in North America but may be offered in other countries as a Mondeo/Fusion replacement.

One of Jim's fans wrote, 'Wow that first one is amazing.'. What he has done is simply change this crossover SUV into a sedan and call it the Fusion. I just love the rear end.'

A second Instagram user felt Fusion might not be the best name, commenting: 'I think Taurus is a better name for this.' Two weeks ago, Jim introduced his Taurus SHO as 'a quick one for tonight.'

The render he created gave many Thunderbird vibes, and many fans commented on it, 'You know what? It would have made an excellent Thunderbird model.'. They are on the right track.”

Jim tends to name Ford cars incorrectly when he designs cars for Ford, but he designs great cars for Ford. After culling the Fusion in 2020 due to poor sales, Ford is unlikely to bring back the 4-door sedan. Is it possible, though?

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