Goodyear is developing airless tires

Goodyear is developing airless tires, but it is unclear when they will be ready. As of recent news, prototype tires have been tested on roads up to 100 mph at speeds ranging from scorching heat to freezing temperatures.

Goodyear said in a statement that the company had conducted some testing with a Tesla Model 3 at the company's proving grounds in Luxembourg.

In addition to being low maintenance, airless tires carry a greater load capacity, according to Goodyear, than conventional tires.

Additionally, the company believes airless tires will be a more suitable solution for vehicles other than passenger cars, such as autonomous shuttles that could be used by future mobility services to move people and goods around urban centers.

Goodyear said airless tires would be tested on autonomous vehicles and last-mile delivery robots as part of the development process.

According to Goodyear, the company aims to approve its airless tires from the United States Department of Transportation but noted that this will take "several years.

" And given the company's interest in catering to mobility services, it is unlikely that the tires will be applied to personal vehicles.

Airless tires are also attracting the attention of other large tire manufacturers. Michelin announced in 2019 that it would be offering airless tires for General Motors vehicles as early as 2024, based on Bridgestone's puncture-proof airless tire concept shown in 2011.

Since 2013, Hankook has shown its airless tire concept and stated in 2015 that airless tires are getting closer to being produced. However, the project has received little attention since 2015.

There is now an airless tire in production, but not for cars. They were introduced by Polaris on its ATVs in 2013 as an option.

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