It's Suddenly As Fresh as the New 992 Series for the Porsche 996 GT3-KS Concept

After more than a decade in production, Porsche introduced its 996 models in 1998, which marked the end of a popular air-cooled engine and the introduction of a water-cooled unit, as well as the first major redesign of the iconic body profile of this iconic model.

There will always be those who will hate the 996 iterations for both of these reasons. In the meantime, others likely welcomed it with open arms and are still inclined to think it was one of the smartest 911 decisions Porsche made during the 1990s.

The virtual artist Khyzyl Saleem, better known on social media as the_kyza, works as a virtual artist and he may be considered part of this latter group because he is prepared to reinterpret the first 911 water-cooled in his way.

It has been dubbed the 996 GT3-KS Concept, which is a reinvigorated version of the original 996 GT3 which combines styling DNA from the older GT3 body style with DNA from the 992-series.

Since everything is exposed out in the open on social media, there is no need for you to guess what changes have been made since the pixel master exposes everything.

He states that he 'redesigned the front bumper so that it mimicked the original 996 styling cues, but split them up into two separate layers so that they would look more cohesive.

After that, I went on to design an OEM++ widebody to suit my tastes, and when it came to the rear end of the car I simplified it to suit my needs.

There is also 992 inspired rear lighting, but this time around they have been kept separate and separated from each other. There you go, that is what is going on in the head of a CGI expert right now...

In terms of powertrain details, there isn't any, as far as I know. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing whether the virtual prototype is still equipped.

The original 996 GT3 powertrains or if they have also been updated to the current 992-based show of 503 horsepower available in the current 996 GT3. The only thing we know for sure is that those spectacular wheels are also his design...

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