Keep your plaid on Lucid has become entirely covert

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 10 Aug, 2022

The 'Stealth Look' from Lucid Air is prepared for your shadowy activities.

Sneaking out of the house

Sneaking out of the nursery after finally putting your kid to sleep requires stealth. Three hours and five drinks after you stated you would arrive home. Probably has to do with submarines as well.

But is it necessary for cars

Not sure dunno, maybe not. Going full Rolling Stones on a car and painting it all black is a terrific way to end up as a crucial component in an impromptu (and pretty tasteless) T-bone, at least from a safety perspective.

Wreck a car

Okay, so there are a hundred different ways to wreck a car before we even discuss the color, but everything that makes a car appear good in pictures,

Different landscapes

 Dark-painted wheels, bumpers, roof pillars, wheels, door trims, and mirror caps are another way to blend in with the landscape. Thus, the fact that Lucid labeled their styling collection the 'Stealth Look' is one of those apt names.

Lucid Air

To be clear, we believe it to be the Air's best-looking iteration, which most likely has a lot to do with the fact that it isn't your typical afterthought option.

The brighter Lucid Air

'Lucid Air was intended for two separate aesthetics,' Senior VP of Design Derek Jenkins explains, 'the brighter one you've already seen and the more subdued one.'

A dark black car is a satisfying experience

And to be honest, driving a jet-black electric car with the lights off in complete darkness and near quiet would likely satisfy your need for a stealthy vehicle.

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