Tesla's Model Y with 4680 cells offers impressive potential to charge faster

Tesla's Model Y with 4680 cells offers impressive potential to charge faster

When Tesla delivered its first made-in-Texas Model Y vehicles, we noted that Tesla had not released any details about the new electric SUV - such as its specs and price.

Over the next few weeks, we learned a little more. New, Texas-built Model Y Standard begins at $59,990, has a range of 279 miles, reaches 0-60 mph in five seconds, and offers a few extra features, such as a magnetic armrest and parcel shelf. However, we are more concerned with the impact of the new battery cell and structural battery pack.

No one has confirmed the exact energy capacity of the new Model Y, but we have a better idea now that some early Texas-built Model Y owners have been conducting some testing.

According to Spoken reviews on YouTube, one of those early owners took the Model Y for a range test and loaded it up on a Supercharger V3

Regarding the energy capacity of the vehicle, it accepted 59 kWh, going from a state of 9% to 97.5%. However, it is difficult to estimate the energy capacity of the vehicle precisely, and the usable capacity would likely be approximately 67 kWh.

The new Model Y owner shared the following information regarding the charging capacity of his vehicle:9 to 20 % in 3 minutes, 9 to 39% in 6 minutes, 9 to 50% in 12 minutes, 9 to 80% in 34 minutes, 9 to 90% in 40 minutes, 9 to 97% in 50 minutes, Going to 80% in roughly 30 minutes is excellent.

Although the Model Y with the 2170 cells achieves 250 kW, some Tesla fans were upset as the vehicle reached only 227 kW, but we must remember that it has a much smaller capacity battery pack. Based on this analysis, the 4680 battery cell appears to have a peak charge rate and average charge rate a significant amount higher.

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