The McLaren 765LT Spider is further refined by Novitec

There are plenty of tuners out there who want to further optimize the performance figures of the McLaren 765LT Spider, which was launched in early 2022.

In the case of the 765LT Spider, Novitec saw it as a challenge and wanted to see how much they could improve it.

This Spider comes with the same twin-turbo M840T V-8 engine that powers the 765LT Coupe. Novitec, however, is improving car performance by using every opportunity it gets - in this case, any powerful V-8 engine.

N-TRONIC plug-and-play auxiliary control is being installed on the V-8 engine. With this new system, Novitec developed specially developed injection, ignition, and boost pressure maps.

Novitec also upgraded the exhaust system and turbo inlet pipes with ceramic coating. With these upgrades, the 765LT Spider now produces 855 horsepower and 662 pound-feet of torque.

A total of 90 horsepower means the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) has been reduced from 2.7 seconds to 2.5 seconds and the sprint from 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) has been cut from 7.2 seconds to 6.7 seconds.

While Novitec did not give an official number, it confirmed that the top speed has been increased to over 205 mph.

The exterior look of the 765LT will also be upgraded by Novitec, even though the exterior upgrades aren't that significant.

A new trunk lid, new headlight inserts, revised scuff plates for the rocker panels, and new air intakes are included in the aerodynamic package, all made from naked carbon.

With a center lock hub cover and a seven delicate twin-spoke design, Nivtec offers a new set of high-tech wheels. You can choose from 72 different colors, including brushed or polished finishes.

A 9Jx20 wheel is fitted with 255/30ZR20 on the front and a 12Jx21 wheel with 325/25ZR21 on the rear.

New sport springs and new wheels will reduce the car's height by about 20 millimeters (0.787 inches) and will improve driving dynamics.

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