What makes the new electric DeLorean so special

The DeLorean. From Back to the Future. Indeed. Alpha 5 is an electric vehicle inspired by the DeLorean of yore complete with gull-winged doors, released by the recently revived brand.

While we don't yet know about pricing and availability, the company says it'll do zero to 60 in 2.99 seconds - and possibly, more importantly, zero to 88 in 4.35 seconds.

On June 6, Apple will kick off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. Rumors abound about what might be announced. 

A roundup by Brian Heater covers what to expect at the event, while an in-depth article by Sarah Perez goes into what will likely change in iOS. Sheryl Sandberg will not continue in the role of COO of Facebook after 14 years.

The Chief Growth Officer of Meta, Javier Olivan, will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer; Sandberg will remain on Meta's board.

A little smart home camera from Amazon called the Cloud Cam was released in 2017. The company then bought two smart camera manufacturers - Blink and Ring - pretty much immediately. Amazon is retiring Cloud Cam in favor of the latter two half a decade after it was launched.

Instead of Cloud Cams, existing Cloud Cam users will receive a free Blink Mini camera and a free year of Blink Plus. Cloud Cam users should back up their saved videos before December to avoid losing them.

People who only buy things casually on Amazon, like a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X, have probably been disappointed by the number of bots out there who beat them to the punch.

A lot of high-demand items will be available on an invitation-only basis on Amazon, starting this week. You'll 'request an invitation' and then Amazon will check your purchase history and account creation date to determine who gets first dibs.

A brutal week for tech layoffs: 8% with Carbon Health, 14% with Loom, 10% with Gemini from the Winklevoss twins; 25% with IRL; 10% with TomTom.

Elon Musk has announced that 'everyone at Tesla' must work a minimum of 40 hours each week in a Tesla office. Tesla announced a hiring freeze and plans to cut up to 10% of its salaried workforce.

All the big cryptocurrencies have been experiencing downward trends for the last 6 months. In what way do investors view the space overall? A handful of VCs was surveyed by Jacquelyn Melinek.

Tim De Chant writes, 'There's an idea floating around (or at least in my mind) that Nevada has enough sunshine to power the entire United States with solar power. “Then why is there so little solar and wind on public lands?”

Alex Wilhelm examines how and why 'even the largest and best-known private fintech companies are suffering from embarrassing revaluations.'

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