With the help of an adaptor that comes standard, the electric F-150 Lightning from Ford can help stranded Teslas

The first customers to purchase Ford's brand-new all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck will receive additional perks in addition to the opportunity to get their hands on the revolutionary vehicle earlier than everyone else.

An unexpected bonus for early purchasers should be waiting for them when they get into their trucks for the first time: an adaptor for charging Tesla vehicles. InsideEVs was the first publication to break the story when the publication came upon a discussion regarding the adaptor on an online forum.

What purpose does a Tesla adaptor provide for the owner of an F-150 Lightning? It's not hard at all.

The Lightning's capability to act as a mobile generator, which owners can tap into for tailgating, plugging in power tools, and, most importantly for this discussion, charging up to other electric vehicles, is one of its most appealing selling points.

In principle, a friend driving a Tesla who has run out of juice on the side of the road may be rescued by someone driving a Ford F-150 Lightning who happens to be in the area.

They only need to connect one end of the charging line to an outlet in the bed of the pickup truck and the other end to an electric vehicle that is stranded. Because Teslas use a different charging port than any other electric model, they would require an adaptor to successfully assist.

Insider was able to confirm the revelation with a Ford official, who stated that the adaptor that comes standard with the F-150 Lightning gives owners the ability to 'lend a hand if needed.

' He stated that Ford is including the extra attachment with its 'initial Lightning,' but he would provide any additional information regarding the number of Lightning buyers who will receive the part. In April, Ford finally began production of the much-anticipated truck.

The stunt that Ford conducted has been interpreted by some as an attempt to make fun of Tesla. 'When your battery dies, we'll come to your rescue,' the message read. But according to Ford, that's not the purpose at all.

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