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Boot time for Xbox Series X will be reduced by 5 seconds

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 25 Jul, 2022

Xbox Series X users soon will benefit from a faster boot with a new four-second start-up animation, according to an Xbox developer.

In comparison with Xbox One, Xbox Series X boots up extremely fast, but Xbox is working on shortening the boot time even further thanks to a new startup animation.

Compared to the current animation, which takes 9 seconds to complete, the new one takes only 4 seconds. Therefore, you will be able to boot up your Xbox Series X 5 seconds faster than before, making it closer to a lightning-fast experience.

Exactly when this new animation will replace the current one in Xbox Series X is yet to be determined, but it is currently available for Xbox Insider testers,

And will be released along with an update in August. Consequently, we will probably see a faster boot time and Discord Voice Chat with the next Xbox software update.

Also worth noting is that the new boot-up animation will also be available on Xbox Series S, so you will still get faster start-up times.

By using SSDs instead of HDDs, the new generation of consoles has created new possibilities for developers that help them push the boundaries when it comes to creating visually superior games.

As part of Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S consoles, the custom SSDs allow players to use the quick resume capability, which allows them to jump from one game to another without having to completely close any of them.

However, we have yet to see true next-generation games from PlayStation and Xbox Studios that utilize the ultimate capabilities of the new consoles.

Though Hellblade 2 has been announced back in 2020, Microsoft is still yet to announce a release date for the game.

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