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Chipsets from Intel's 600 Series to support Raptor Lake CPUs from MSI

In support of next-generation Intel Core processors, MSI is the latest motherboard manufacturer to announce support for Intel 600 series chipset motherboards. Asus published a blog post listing its entire 600 series motherboard portfolio, including chipsets with Z690, B660, H670, and H610.

In light of these updates being prepared (or now available) by most of the big motherboard makers, it appears that the 13th Gen Intel Core (Raptor Lake) family may be released soon.

Although interesting, MSI hasn't mentioned the next-generation CPU codename or generation number (like the other motherboard vendors). The new BIOS updates are available on the respective motherboard pages, according to MSI.

While the news blog doesn't link to them individually, most people will only download one or two BIOS files at most, so searching MSI support isn't much of an effort. Several of you may already have bookmarks for your motherboard's product and support pages.

After finding and saving these updates, MSI users can apply them either by using MSI M-Flash or by pressing the Flash BIOS button. However, there is an important line in the small print for would-be BIOS flashers. The initial BIOS version is not suitable for performance testing, as it is only intended for power-up purposes.

Accordingly, the newly available 'next-gen BIOS' won't be much more than a curiosity for most users. MSI will make available an updated 'full function' BIOS when Intel launches its 13th Gen CPUs, so grabbing these files now seems rather pointless.

Asus has also said that the new BIOS is not suitable for benchmarking, which is very similar to what MSI has said. This statement about unsuitability for benchmarking was highlighted in yesterday's story about Intel Core i9-13900K benchmarking on an Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme motherboard.

As a result, MSI has provided these next-gen updates for its Intel 600 series motherboards, Asus has done the same, and ASRock prepared its updates over a fortnight ago.

Gigabyte/Aorus is the only major motherboard manufacturer that has not announced its new/pending updates. Also, smaller motherboard players such as Biostar, EVGA, and NZXT are expected to release similar news.

Last but not least, Intel's Innovation event is scheduled for September 27-28, so a Raptor Lake announcement wouldn't be out of place. 

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