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Gaming PCs: The Best Desktops

Even though Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 are great for gamers, they aren't readily available. Fortunately, a good old-fashioned gaming PC is always an option.

We have compiled some of the best gaming PCs available if you'd like to access Steam or Epic's massive library of games.

Because gaming desktops are more easily upgraded than consoles, they offer high-fidelity visuals that surpass most other systems.

Gaming PCs can easily become the place where you spend most of your time if they are paired with a good headset, a good mouse, and a mechanical keyboard.

It can be extremely difficult to choose a gaming desktop, however. Some factors are important to consider, such as specs, the types of games you want to play, and the number of thousand RGB lights you want. 

You can also build a PC if you're handy and plan to upgrade it over time, but these are the best gaming desktops we tested.

We have added the Maingear Vybe system, updated the Alienware Aurora R13 system, and removed the Acer Predator Orion 3000 system.

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