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RTX 3060 is beaten by Intel's Arc A750 GPU

We're finally seeing Intel's Arc discrete desktop graphics cards outside of China, as demonstrated by Gamers Nexus' exhaustive review of the Arc A380 yesterday.

As part of today's announcement, Intel released benchmarks for its Arc A750, which appears to be the company's mainstream high-end processor. Its performance is broken down in a new video from Intel.

It's sort of true. In this video, the A750 runs Cyberpunk 2077, then Borderlands 3, Control, F1 2021, and Fortnite benchmarks against Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3060,

Both running on identical Core i9 setups at 1440p. As far as performance goes, that's a pretty good spread of titles. Thus, the A750 consistently shows a 15 percent frame rate advantage.

Given that the A380 was unable to match even the Radeon RX 6400, one of the cheapest and least-powerful modern GPU cards, that's an encouraging result.

I must point out that Intel's own numbers are far less comprehensive than Gamers Nexus'. In one configuration, we're seeing results from just five games.

The performance of Arc won't be the same in every game. Cynically, I have to point out that Intel might have run benchmarks on a hundred different games and merely reported the five best results.

Intel's unique GPU architecture, coupled with its limited experience in writing GPU drivers, will also play an important role. We've already seen how much the Arc GPUs rely on Resizable Base Address Memory (ReBAR), which lets the CPU access the GPU's internal memory directly.

AMD and Nvidia GPUs can use this technology, but it has a far less dramatic effect on their performance. The performance of Intel Arc GPUs will likely vary from game to game more than that of GeForce and Radeon cards that are finely tuned.

The wider worldwide rollout of Arc desktop GPUs is scheduled for later this year. Hopefully, pitting the Arc A750 directly against the RTX 3060 (which has an MSRP of $400) will give us a rough idea of its price.

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