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The cRPG Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader will be available on consoles and PC from Owlcat Games

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, the cRPG sequel to Owlcat Games' Pathfinder series, has been announced for consoles and PC.

The Owlcat Games team is delighted to start a new chapter in the history of the company. In a press release, Owlcat Games' head Oleg Shpilchevsky stated.

"The grim darkness of the 41st millennium is a harsh place of unbounded evil, sacrifices that cannot be accounted for, and large-scale threats and challenges that seamlessly transition to an exciting role-playing narrative that offers the player an exceptional amount of freedom."

"We aim to provide players with everything they love and expect from cRPG games: fateful decisions and non-linear storylines, a diverse companion cast, addictive and complex gameplay systems," Shpilchevsky concluded.

The player will assume the role of a Rogue Trader, a scion of an ancient merchant clan that ruled over their own empire and explored the outer reaches of Imperial space with the blessing of the Emperor.

 In addition to extending the borders of the Imperium, the Rogue Trader benefits from their Warrant of Trade, which endows them with privileges and power beyond imagination.

They begin their adventure in the vast Koronus Expanse, an unexplored region of space on the edge of Humanity's realm.

During the protagonist's exploration, the protagonist will discover lost and forgotten worlds, including lush Agri-Worlds and steel-clad Forge Worlds. All of these worlds are waiting to be claimed by a budding merchant empire or pillaged for their riches.

Your decisions will have a profound effect on entire worlds. Your strategic and tactical skills will be tested against powerful opponents in high-impact turn-based battles.

There is no such thing as a solo Rogue Trader: you will meet faithful and sophisticated companions on your dangerous journey into the unknown.

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