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The first live Dreamforce meeting in three years comes in smaller than expected

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 26 Sep, 2022

The exception in the Pandemic

Dreamforce's Marc Benioff knows methods to put on a present, which he has been doing since 2003 - except the Pandemic happened, and he had to take it down for several years

The celebration anniversary

Salesforce's 20th-anniversary celebration occurred in person this week, just in time, so everyone seemed happy to be together

Attendance was recorded

Even though attendance was reported to be 40,000, it was still substantial compared to the high numbers of over 150,000 who attended in person before the Pandemic

The online event

You might argue that the audience was about the same if you counted the 110,000 who watched some of the events online

Appreciated the opportunity

Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor, Salesforce's co-CEOs, welcomed the opportunity to meet individuals this week, whether they were clients, analysts, traders, or journalists

For the first time

Several of Salesforce's staff members were attending for the first time since the last in-person Dreamforce due to Salesforce's rapid growth

The celebrity scene is booming

There were nonetheless celebrities in abundances, such as Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Hudson, and Bono, regardless of fewer live attendees than in previous years

The first meeting in person

Among the many luminaries who attended Dreamforce 2015 were Magic Johnson, Jane Goodall, and Al Gore. The firm didn't skimp on its first in-person assembly since 2009

The performance was live

There was also a live performance these 12 months by the Pink Sizzling Chili Peppers, who had previously played with the likes of U2 and Foo Fighters

The introduction

Benioff and Harris, Dreamforce co-founders, had a ball goofing around on stage, showcasing whatever new technology the corporation was introducing

The fun-filled occasion

Although the occasion was full of fun, video games, and pageantry, there were additionally a few important announcements

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