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The Xbox Store has been taken down by Microsoft for this 'rip-off' game

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 05 Aug, 2022

A new game titled War Gods Zeus of Child that is available on both the Xbox Store and on PC appeared recently to attract the attention of both PC and console gamers.

A similar-looking protagonist, Kratos, is reportedly in the game that fights through an endless wave of enemies in a barebones arena like in Sony's popular game God of War.

Microsoft has reportedly removed the God of War game from the Xbox Store, in line with a report by Eurogamer. It is an obvious rip-off of the original game.

As reported by the Metro, the game has been removed from the storefront and Microsoft has also declined to comment on the deletion of the game from the storefront. 

The game does not offer different challenges like the original God of War game did, but it does offer the same pacing as the original. 

A rip-off game has only one mission, in which players have to kill an infinite number of enemy monsters in a single arena until they give up and abandon the game or Kratos is finally defeated.

A GamesRadar report claims that Dolaka Ltd made not just this fake God of War game but also similar 'copycat' versions of other games. 

Moreover, the studio has released 'Dinasaur Falling Survival' a rip-off of Mediatonic's Fall Guys. 

As per the report, players are made to run through a series of obstacle courses with 'whacky' physics, where they have to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

The company has also launched a Mario ripoff called 'Classic Platformer Marines,' as well as 'Shooter Garenattacks,' which appears to combine Devil May Cry and Superhot.

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