Apple M2 GPU outperforms the M1 by up to +45% in GFXBench while the CPU is up to +13.5% in Cinebench 23

According to recent appearances on Geekbench, the Apple M2 is something of a low-power GPU beast, and following visits to both GFXBench and Cinebench R23 have further cemented this impression.

Comparing the Apple M2 to its predecessor, the M2's results in the latter CPU-oriented benchmark were not particularly impressive (+13.55% single; +11.46% multi). However, some tests in the GFXBench benchmark reveal the M2's GPU to be as good as expected or even better.  

We should note that the Apple M2 SoC features a 10-core GPU in the 2022 MacBook Pro 13 and the higher-end configuration of the new MacBook Air, so it does have an advantage over the M1, which can be configured with either seven or eight GPU cores.

Apple advertises that the M2 GPU can offer up to 35% more performance than the M1 at maximum performance levels; however, several tests on GFXBench have shown the M2 reach performance levels that are over 40% and even 45% faster than its predecessor.

Vadim Yuryev of Max Tech points out that the GPU on the Apple M2 SoC achieved 42-45% performance gains over the M1 in the Aztec Ruins tests and continues to do so in T-Rex and Manhattan - both at 1440p. During Car Chase, the FPS rate drops to +32.79%, but even that is still within reasonable limits of Apple's claim of +35%.

Though the CPU component of the M2 SoC has only yielded a few small gains so far, despite a higher clock rate (M2: 3.49 GHz; M1: 3.20 GHz), the GPU component is certain to please future MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 owners in 2022.  

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