Apple's iPadOS 16 will have improved multitasking at WWDC 2022

At the WWDC 2022 keynote on Monday, Apple announced the release of iPadOS 16 as the company's new software release for its iPad. A newly designed multitasking interface is included with the new iPadOS release, helping to improve productivity. Like Mac or Windows, it lets you overlay app windows. For iPad users, iPadOS 16 includes live text and an updated Messages app, similar to iOS 16. Metal 3 games are also supported in the new release.

Apple initially released iPadOS 16 to Apple Developer Program members. It will also be available as a public beta next month. Additionally, iPadOS 16 will be available this fall for all iPad models including the 5th generation, iPad mini 5th generation, iPad Air (3rd generation), and iPad Pro models.

Apple has announced a new multitasking interface for iPadOS 16 called Stage Manager, which is also available for Macs through macOS 13 Ventura. Multiple apps can be accessed simultaneously on the iPad by overlaying them. 

Adding an external display to your iPad enhances the experience even further. Apple calls it Split View and it allows users to view two apps side-by-side, like on an iPhone, or in a full-screen view like on an iPhone. A slide over option is also available, called Slide Over.

In addition to resizing app windows, iPadOS 16 will also let users adjust the size of apps on a Mac or Windows laptop. The M1 chip, however, only powers iPad models with this feature. So you will not be able to experience the new features without an iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Collaboration on the iPad with the M1 chip lets users collaborate on different tasks. iPad users can access the feature through Notes, Safari, Keynote, and other preloaded apps. In addition to iOS and macOS, Apple is bringing Collaboration in the coming months.

Apple also introduced a collaboration app called FreeForm. Users can share files, create notes, and create diagrams. Similarly, developers will be able to integrate Collaboration into their apps via a new API.

iPadOS 16 has Live Text and Visual Look Up, just like iOS 16. New to the release is the Home app, which has a brand new design and now supports Matter. With the iPadOS update, users will also be able to edit or recall a text message through the new Messages app.

iPadOS 16 brings enhanced gaming experiences with Metal 3. Moreover, the company has also added a Background download API so users can multitask while downloading the game. User activity has also been added to the dashboard in Gamer Center, allowing users to check their friends' performance. Game Center profiles will also display user activity. 

SharePlay is another way to connect with your friends when playing multiplayer games via Game Center. Later this year, iPadOS 16 will feature all the updates to Game Center. Future versions will be available for iOS and macOS.

In addition to Live Text updates, iPadOS 16 will also include iOS 16 updates. A new age-restricted Family Sharing feature helps users do the same. Home with an improved interface and lock screen widgets are also included in the new iPadOS release.

Previously available for Mac, Quick Note allows you to quickly compose notes. New features available on the new iPadOS release include the new Safari browser, which is also available on macOS Ventura, including Shared Tab Groups and Passkeys. 

The Weather app is also available on the iPad through iPadOS 16. The application brings full-screen animations and tappable modules with detailed information. App developers can integrate weather updates into their apps with WeatherKit.

As part of iPadOS 16, Apple announced that desktop-class apps will be coming to the iPad. System elements such as undo/ redo across the system, calendar availability, and find and merge contact cards will be available. 

With the new iPadOS release, users can also modify file extensions, view folder sizes, and expand folders in the list view of the Files app. System-wide features include find-and-replace improvements, document menus in Files, Pages, and Keynote, as well as the ability to customize a toolbar. 

Reference Mode is a feature Apple added to the Retina XDR Display incorporated into the iPad Pro to improve color viewing. iPadOS 16 provides a way for iPad Pro users to increase the pixel density of the display and view more content on their apps if they have the M1 chip. The Split View, it's especially useful.

By using the onboard storage on the iPad, Apple has introduced Virtual Memory Swap to let users expand the available memory for their apps by up to 16GB.The new features coming with iPadOS 16 as well as Apple's pro apps coming to the iPad should help the company grow its tablet revenue over time. With the updates, the iPad would also be more appealing to professionals.

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