For $441, get a Dell laptop with a 1080p display

Dell's Inspiron 15 3000 deals are always good. These workhorse laptops are typically solid machines at reasonable prices.

Dell is running a special deal on the 15 3000. The price is $441 down from the MSRP of $601. It is not clear how long this offer will last.

With a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and a maximum brightness of 250 nits, this laptop has a 15.6-inch 1080p screen.

In theory, that might seem like a great display for gaming, but this is certainly not a gaming system, especially if it is powered by AMD's integrated Radeon graphics IC.

The processor is a Ryzen 5 5625U, which has six cores, twelve threads, and a boost to 4.3GHz. If games run on this one, you should be able to get some decent frame rates.

Moreover, it is equipped with 8GB of RAM, so productivity applications, photo editing, etc., should run smoothly.

With this model, you get 512GB of storage. That's a lot more than you get with a normal phone at this price point, which is usually 128GB to 256GB. 

The machine has ample storage for important documents, photos, and videos. If you need to work on PowerPoint or Excel, this machine is the right one for you.

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