It Turns Out There Is An Odd Detail In The Apple M2 MacBook Air

Having just received a brand new MacBook Air with Apple's new M2 chip, what's the first thing you do? iFixit tears down electronics to their smallest components and reports on what they find.

A pair of repair specialists recently found something that seemed to be quite odd: the new MacBook Air doesn't seem to be able to maintain a good level of cooling.

The lack of a fan and a passive cooler, such as a heat spreader, is both a disappointment and an unsurprising development since the previous MacBook Air and MacBook Pro had fans as main differentiators.

But the new model doesn't even have a fan. For cooling, it relies only on thermal paste and graphite tape as opposed to other materials.

In turn, this could indicate that Apple's new M2 chip is just so thermally efficient that it doesn't necessarily require a cooler to be used with the new Air.

It is also possible that customers who will use the M2 Air for intensive tasks on their laptops, or who will be using the laptop in hot climates.

Are going to have to wait for some tests to see how hot the M2 Air gets under a variety of scenarios to determine how hot it is.

Several other interesting details can be discovered in the teardown, including the fact that the speakers are now located above the keyboard (as opposed to the previous model, which had speakers on both sides), and the fact that there are fewer screws used to open the laptop (four instead of ten).

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