Stage Manager wasn't the right experience on non-M1 iPads

It's been a week since Apple's WWDC event, and while the dust is beginning to settle, we're still learning some interesting details about the event.

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, discusses how they tested Stage Manager on non-M1 iPads and why it won't be coming to all iPads in a recent interview.

Apple appears to have tested Stage Manager on iPads that did not have the M1 processor. When asked if Apple tried to make it work, Federighi said, 'Yes.'

Federighi also goes into great length on the process of producing a seamless experience, which is crucial when working with a touch-based device.

He argues that with Stage Manager, 'fluidity and response' are essential. Apple found a sweet spot where features, functionality, and the user experience were all harmonized.

As a result, the team decided to limit Stage Manager's number of live apps to just four.

Federighi also has a strong urge to keep things tidy. It would keep things simple by limiting the number of windows to four, which would provide the greatest experience.

He notes that many people have complained about having too many windows open at once, thus it was critical to ensure that this was not feasible with iPadOS 16.

Although iPadOS 16 can run on a variety of iPad models, Stage Manager will only be available on a few, including the iPad Pro (2021) and iPad Air (2022).

TheĀ  will arrive later this year, but if you're interested now, you may download the developer preview or wait for the public beta release next month.

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