Starlight Apple M2 MacBook Air hands-on

With the M2 processor inside, we have a look at the new MacBook Air from 2022. There was a slight change in the edges of the MacBook Pro compared to the MacBook Air. Not a huge change.

Compared to the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air is a bit thinner. In use, we have no complaints. It is comfortable to hold and attractive to look at.

There is a difference in thickness and width between the new MacBook Air and the previous one. Compared to the last generation, the uprated model is 1.31cm thick and .41cm thin at its thinnest.

However, even though half the machine is thicker, the back is thinner, giving the appearance that it is smaller. In addition, Apple made it a .1 pound lighter while making it a lot lighter. In use, it isn't much lighter, but we'll take any savings we can get our hands on.

Apple might be expected to equip the MacBook Pro, its high-end product, with all the extra bells and whistles, but in fact, it is usually the mass-market models that get these features.

As with the 24-inch iMac, Apple included color-matched stickers. As with the MacBook Air, our Starlight version came with stickers matching the Starlight color and our Midnight version came with stickers matching the Midnight color.

In addition, Apple matches the power cable, unlike the white ones Apple typically uses for its portables. The Midnight MagSafe 3 cable is a particularly nice design.

The new Air's function keys are also twice as large as they were before. With the previous half-sized keys, we were always overshooting the buttons. Now they are so large, that we land dead-on after each volume adjustment or Touch ID authentication.

In terms of performance, the M2 MacBook Air seems on par with both the last-generation MacBook Air and the M2 13-inch MacBook Pro in your typical daily tasks. Of course, this is before running any in-depth benchmarks.

The 1080P FaceTime camera has a significant improvement over the last-generation model in terms of image quality. Further testing will certainly be necessary. While this camera isn't amazing, using a Continuity Camera will still produce better results. However, that 720P camera was terrible.

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