The Dell G15 Gaming Laptop is available for a limited time at a clearance price

By TechThop Team

Posted on: 10 Aug, 2022

You might not be familiar with the Dell G15 Gaming Laptop, but it's an industry workhorse, offering excellent gaming functionality at an affordable price.

That's why we're always searching for G15 gaming laptop deals. A great gaming rig like the Dell G15 is currently discounted to $700 from $1,169, a massive $469 savings.

Your first concern will probably be the GPU you get, and we're delighted to inform you that it's an RTX 3050 Ti, a slightly stronger version of the mid-tier mobile GPU from Nvidia, with a Full HD, 120Hz monitor that doesn't tax the GPU too much.

If you're at your desk, you can even pair it with a great gaming monitor deal if you want a larger screen experience. You may not be able to play AAA games at the highest graphic settings, but you will be close.

This notebook comes with an Intel i5-11260H, an entry-level CPU that pairs well with the RTX 3050 Ti and should take care of most gaming and productivity tasks with ease.

There's 512GB of storage, which may or may not be enough, depending on the games you're planning on playing. We'd recommend, however, that you check out external hard drive deals for supplementing the internal storage, especially since games can be huge.

In contrast, the 8GB of RAM you get should be plenty for most situations unless you like to run dozens of apps and tabs at the same time, which can easily be fixed with the G15. You'll also enjoy excellent wireless connectivity for gaming since it comes with Wi-Fi 6 as well.

Dell's sale has lowered the price of the G15 from $1,169 to $700, making it an extremely affordable gaming laptop if you are looking for a great budget gaming laptop.

However, if you're looking for something more powerful, consider checking out some Alienware deals, which tend to be more expensive but have beefier laptops.

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