The Lenovo Yoga and Legion laptop lines are now available in India

Lenovo announced in the country its next-generation laptops in the Yoga, Legion, and IdeaPad gaming lines on Tuesday.

The base price of Lenovo Yoga, Legion, and IdeaPad Gaming is Rs 1,06,990, Rs 1,44,990, and Rs 84,990, respectively.'The Legion gaming laptop opens up unyielding play to gamers of all generations.

Our Yoga laptops come with enhanced features, powerful mobility, ergonomics, and durable styles,' said Dinesh Nair, Lenovo India's Director, Consumer Business.

A variety of colors are offered in the 'Yoga' series, such as oatmeal, storm gray, and slate gray.

There's also a 'Legion' series of tablets and an 'IdeaPad Gaming series of tablets available in storm gray or onyx gray.

As part of its new Yoga 9i series, the company said that the new Yoga 9i comes with a 16:10 RGB OLED screen.

With a resolution of 2.5K and is designed to provide comfort over long periods.

There are 21 models in the Legion 5 series, with a battery capacity of 80Wh, and the company claims that the included charger can charge the batteries up to 80 % in 30 minutes.

In addition to the improved battery performance and sustainable design, all laptops are equipped.

With Intel Core processors of the 12th generation. They also have faster graphics and faster graphics cards.

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